Friday, June 17, 2016

A Birthday Wishes

( #birthday #lion #roar #roaring )
16-4086 (edited)
ISO-400  -  f/6.3  -  1/250sec  -  55mm
I was surfing the network and found out that one of my sister-in-laws' birthday was happing today.  I really did not want to just leave a Happy Birthday message, like unto all others.

So, started looking through my images and found the image below.  In the image we see a lion roaring in frustration to all the zoo goers.  I really did not want the fence in the back or the blue ball in the image.  To remove these items from the image, I zoomed in on the lion.  I made sure that his tail stayed in the image and that his eyes were in the right, upper 1/3 of the image.  Putting his eyes in the upper 1/3 of the image we get the feel that he is looking down at us.

I also pondered about the day that the image was taken.  It was a cloudy day, so I had bumped up the ISO to 400.  This would allow me to keep my shutter speed around 1/250sec when taking pictures of the animals at the zoo.

To finish of this image I added the needed words and a small pun "Have a roaring good time."

ISO-400  -  f/6.3  -  1/250sec  -  55mm

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